Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost?

That depends on your percentage of subsidy under the Child Care Subsidy (CCS) and the number of subsidised hours you are entitled to. Your CCS percentage is calculated on the basis of a number of things including how much you work (“activity test”) and your gross family income. If you haven’t yet been assessed, you simply lodge an application form or telephone Centrelink and they advise what percentage you’re entitled to. We simply charge you the difference between our total fee and the subsidy and we claim the subsidy from the Government on your behalf.

What do the children do while they’re at the Centre?

Due to our focus on early learning and preparation for school, we carefully plan each day’s program that your child attends.

The program for each group of children is especially designed to cater for the developmental needs of the group and for each child individually. Educators carefully monitor and record the progress of each child in each of their areas of development. This information is then evaluated and used to plan ongoing activities to further support each child in each area and is available to families via the OWNA app.

Do children take long to settle in?

Every child has his or her own special way of adapting to being placed in care, but most children settle in very quickly with the assistance of our experienced and caring Educators. We welcome phone calls from parents to check on their children’s progress during the settling in period, or at any other time if there’s anything you’d like to discuss.

How many days per week do I have to book?

Bookings can be made for any number of days per week. However, it is generally recommended that you book at least two days per week to ensure that your child is receiving enough contact with Educators and the other children to establish good relationships, to settle in properly and receive the full benefits of the developmental programs we offer.

Do I have to have permanent booked days?

Bookings are for the same days each week. Casual or occasional care can be provided if there is a vacancy in a particular age group on the day you wish to bring your child.

How are fees paid?

Fees are paid weekly, on a Friday, and two weeks in advance. Your fees are direct debited from your nominated account with your invoice being available on the app. on a Tuesday or Wednesday.