Learning Programs

At Peter Pan we strongly believe all children within our care deserve to be nurtured and educated to ensure they have the best possible start in life and preparation for their school years. Our programs lay the foundations upon which all children’s learning is built.

From birth, children begin to learn and this continues throughout their lives. We consider all attributes of the child: physical, intellectual, social and emotional and work in partnership with families to help to nurture and develop children in all of these areas.

Our programs are developed in accordance with the Early Years Learning Framework, Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines and are based on the children’s interests. By providing a ‘Child Directed Program’ in which children have the opportunity to select their activities based on current interests, the children develop a positive self concept and increased confidence.

Our Kindergarten Program has been approved under the State Government (Office of Education and Care). The Kindergarten Program runs daily for 7½ hours for eligible aged children.

Activities are planned to support and further develop their interests and skills. In this way, children are developing and learning, through play, many of the skills and attributes they need, including:
• how to interact with others,
• how to work as a team,
• solving problems and conflicts,
• building confidence and self-esteem and,
• developing independence.

The children’s numeracy, language and literacy skills are also developed through particular activities and play, such as solving puzzles, word games, stories, music and art which are very important parts of our program.

The program for each group of children is especially designed to cater for the developmental needs of the group and for each child individually. Educators carefully monitor and record the progress of each child in each of their areas of development. This information is then evaluated and used to plan ongoing activities to further support each child in each area. All of this information is available to families via the OWNA app.

For older age groups, the evaluations are formulated into detailed kindergarten and pre-prep programs. This ‘whole child’ approach helps to ensure full school readiness when the time comes. All of the programs are, however, also designed to be fun and creative learning experiences as children learn best when at play.

Nature Play

With an emphasis on Child-Directed learning Peter Pan has a strong philosophy on the importance and benefits of Nature Play, allowing our children time to learn in nature with unstructured, risky/challenging play which connects to our curriculum.

We believe that time in the outdoors, during all-weather, promotes a deep connection and respect for the world around us and supports children to develop positive responses to challenges, manage risk and cope with change.

The introduction of tools, loose parts and time to engage in unstructured play builds confidence, resilience, teamwork, social and emotional skills, early literacy and mathematical concepts, science and investigative learning.

Our unique playground runs over 2 levels and has a creek running through.

Outdoor learning spaces offer possibilities not available indoors which include mud play, rain play, sand play, rocks, tree climbing and other natural elements. These outdoor spaces and elements promote risk taking, open-ended exploration, spontaneity and connection with nature.

Allowing children the opportunity to play in all weather supports children to develop and stimulate their immune systems, build stable sleep patterns, provokes children’s senses with new sights, smells, textures and sounds which stimulate brain development and encourages creative thinking and gross motor movements, to name a few.

With this in mind Peter Pan Supports and encourages all weather play by providing children the opportunity for outdoor play, rain, hail or shine, connecting nature play opportunities and experiences to children’s everyday learning and development.

Approved Kindergarten Program